At NorthRoad we know there’s always that need for speed and why would gravel riding be any different?

Aero Gravel is a concept that takes a moment to get your head around. What’s the point of aero gains when you’re bombing down back-country single track?

It’s all about efficiency. After all, Increased efficiency is increased speed, is increased distance, is increased fun! Some of your riding will benefit from you and your bike being more aero, so why not maximise those sections? The Quest has got you covered.

Manufactured using DuPont Toray T700/800 carbon fibre the Quest frameset is tough and light (1000g).

NorthRoad, hand-built, carbon wheels come as standard on this model.


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For when you want to go fast in any direction and on any terrain. Our range topping gravel bike has the flexibility to take on trans-continental road races as a fast tourer or smash through gravel single track like a hooligan.

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Aero and Rowdy?

Unlike the “old school” road aero bikes, the aero benefit of the Quest doesn’t come at the expense of comfort and all-day rideability. Don’t get us wrong, the Quest is planted, but the rear end has give that just takes the edge off the chatter. It’s not a super stiff butt-buster.

Mounting points everywhere, and a shape that is conducive to frame bags the Quest has already proven itself on some of the UK’s most challenging off road bike packing events including GBDuro and The Second City Divide.

If you’re so inclined, throw on some skinnier tyres and you’ve got a super comfortable, super light carbon bike that will gladly keep up with your club rides or see you go the distance on ultra distance events too.

It’s NorthRoad’s premium gravel do-it-all rig. And we’ll build one just for you.

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All good things start with a chat – and probably a brew. We pride ourselves on delivering bikes that we can say with confidence are right for the rider. So fill out the form and tell us what you need and we’ll be in touch. Don’t worry if you’re not sure, that’s what we’re here for. We don’t oversell, we don’t talk down, and we talk with a smile. Find out today why NorthRoad Cycles are one of the world’s fastest-growing cycling brands.

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