We’ve been doing Carbon right for a while, but we’ve had our eye on metals for longer than you might think. Finding the right balance of build, weight, and cost has been a long journey but we’re immensely proud to introduce the Grav-i-Ti (pronounced Gravity).

It’s a lightweight, built tough titanium frame with a compliant carbon fork and all the right extras in all the right places. Like our carbon Explorer, we’ve built this with a gravel/endurance focussed geometry. We wanted to build something that could take 650b chunky rubber on a Saturday bridleway smashing ride and then, with a switch of wheels, take on a 200km audax on the Sunday. Of course, we know most users will want their weekends a little less extreme like that but be safe in the knowledge that if you want to go mad, you can.

Mudguard mounts, rack and pannier mounts, a threaded bottom bracket, and no proprietary sizings.


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Smash it or Cruise it

One of the delightful things about titanium is that it will take an absolute beating for a really long time. Get a scratch? Wear it with pride or buff it out. It can be a winter gravel bomber and still take pride of place on the summer Sunday road run.

Just enough customisation to call it yours

Every Grav-i-Ti comes with a carbon fork that we’ll gladly customise to make it yours. Colour, patterns, or motifs. Once you’ve placed your order we’ll be in touch to talk about your options.

Likewise if there are any specific requirements you have, whether it be groupset changes or a specific preferred tyre. Just get in touch and we’ll gladly accommodate you.

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All good things start with a chat – and probably a brew. We pride ourselves on delivering bikes that we can say with confidence are right for the rider. So fill out the form and tell us what you need and we’ll be in touch. Don’t worry if you’re not sure, that’s what we’re here for. We don’t oversell, we don’t talk down, and we talk with a smile. Find out today why NorthRoad Cycles are one of the world’s fastest-growing cycling brands.

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