The Coffee Lounge

fuelling your day

Coffee + Bikes

The ideal combination offering an invigorating jolt of energy; coffee providing that kick of caffeine, whilst on bike adventures gets your heart pumping.

The Coffee Lounge at the Bikery is a great place to get to know our cosy corner of Sale Moor – on or off the bike.  Join in pre, mid or post ride, with friends and family, or just in search of great coffee and a moment away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

This is a place for everyone, not just the road and gravel lovers.

Two Brothers

Our coffee comes straight from the Two Brothers roastery in Warrington and Ian has been trained up by Head Roaster Natalie to ensure that each cup served lives up to the high Two Brothers standard found in their Altrincham, Warrington. St. Helens and Ormskirk locations.

Two Brothers kindly hosted our first Bikery pop-up back in 2017 before we even thought about a bricks and mortar premises. They’re a great team who produce fantastic coffee and we couldn’t think of a better place to get our coffee beans from!

Find them here:





The Coffee Lounge was made possible by our crowdfunder initiative so that we could start building a cycling friendly hub for our local bike riding customers encouraging community and camaraderie. Fostering a sense of togetherness amongst cyclists and coffee enthusiasts alike.

But it’s more than that. The lounge can be your refuge from the weather, work or life for 30 mins where you get some time for yourself.

The Bikery is a dog friendly place – with treats for doggos and their humans.


Your Local Pit Stop

A well brewed cup of coffee complements the joy of exploring the open road or the gravel trail on two wheels, making every pit stop an opportunity to savour the moment.

So come sip, chat and gear up for your next adventure with the NorthRoad Coffee* Lounge.


*just to clarify, we also serve tea. We are northern after all!