Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes. All Road Bikes. Any Road Bikes.

Commuters, adventurers, throw it down the side of a mountain-eers.

Gravel bikes have redefined the way we view versatility within cycling. Room for wide, comfortable tyres with more grip, a more relaxed frame geometry that makes it easier to ride for longer, and a much larger set of gearing options means you can build a gravel rig to suit your needs — even if your needs aren’t tied specifically to gravel.

Gravel bikes in the UK also serve a different purpose to the types of Gravel Bike riding our US cousins are doing. Where the ‘States have hundreds of Kilometers of uninterupted fire roads, we have bridleways. They have dry, dusty farm roads, we’ve got… Yorkshire.

… and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Choose from our Explorer or our Quest models. You can select one of our recommended builds or you can get in touch to talk about a build specific for your needs. We’re a friendly and passionate bunch and we’re happy to listen to what you need or steer in you the right direction.


Explorer- Ekar

Probably the most stable gravel bike on the market today. Now with Campagnolo's exquisite Ekar 13 speed groupset!


One of the most stable gravel bikes on the market today. Variable build options from trail slaying gravel monster to all day all road cruiser.


For when you want to go fast in any direction and on any terrain. Our range topping gravel bike has the flexibility to take on trans-continental road races as a fast tourer or smash through gravel single track like a hooligan.

Rostra by NorthRoad

An alloy gravel bike frame from Tifosi and built by us at NorthRoad. Available with a variety of groupset options for your perfect alloy gravel bike.The Lightweight 6061 T6 aluminium frame ensures excellent ride characteristics and durability alongside comfort-oriented geometry, while the unidirectional fork with


Built to last the distance at whatever speed you want.

NorthRoad Navigator

An all terrain trail bike with a beautiful cromo steel frame.

Claud Butler Wrath

The all-new Claud Butler Wrath 2.0 electric mountain bike is ready to tackle a weekend in the woods, detour on the daily commute or explore the miles of towpath in style thanks to it’s powerful motor, sleek integrated battery and modern geometry.


A simple idea. Have the right conversations to build the right bikes for the right people. Not sure what you need? You’re in the right place! Talk to us today to find out what a NorthRoad bike can do for you.

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NorthRoad Riders - Chris and his canny red and blue Quest
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