Autumn Road Cycling

Autumn Road Cycling


Embrace the beauty of Autumn: road cycling in the crisp (and sometimes damp) air.

As the long, lazy days of summer slowly give way to the cool embrace of autumn, road cycling enthusiasts have every reason to celebrate. Autumn (or fall if you prefer – it’s always been a bit too literal for me) is arguably one of the most enchanting seasons to hop on your bike and explore the world around you. The changing colours, refreshing breezes, and unique cycling experiences that autumn offers are truly unmatched. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the many reasons why autumn road cycling is an experience you won’t want to miss.

NB: Are you surprised we’re blogging about road cycling in this season? Road cycling needs some love and shouldn’t be discounted just because the leaves are falling.

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Autumn road cycling is synonymous with a vibrant explosion of colour as leaves transform from green to shades of red, orange, and gold. The scenery becomes a breath-taking masterpiece, making every ride a visual delight. The crunch of leaves beneath your tyres and the earthy aroma of fallen foliage add sensory layers to your cycling experience, creating a multisensory journey that’s hard to replicate in any other season.

It’s the perfect bike riding weather (I preface this with the phrase unless you live in Manchester because to be quite frank we’ve gone from warm-ish to grey, cold air and sludge under foot). The summer heat is behind us, and the bone-chilling cold of winter has yet to arrive. Cycling in autumn weather provides that sweet spot of comfortable temperatures, making your rides more enjoyable. You can pedal without the worry of overheating or shivering in the cold, allowing you to focus on the sheer joy of cycling.

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With the tourist season winding down and kids back in school, the roads tend to be less crowded during autumn time. This means you can enjoy your rides with less traffic, creating a safer and more peaceful atmosphere for autumn cycling routes. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore new routes or revisit your favourite ones without the usual hustle and bustle.

Don’t forget about the delicious treats that come with autumn. Local markets and orchards are bursting with seasonal goodies. Pack some energy-boosting snacks and take a well-deserved break during your ride to enjoy these chilly bike tour delights. They’ll provide the fuel you need to keep pedalling. Surely flapjacks are the autumnal snack of choice, right?

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Cycling in autumn weather allows you to embrace the fashion aspect of cycling by donning your favourite jerseys, arm warmers, and cosy tights. The versatility of your wardrobe not only keeps you comfortable but also allows you to express your personal style on the road.

With the stunning backdrop of changing foliage, autumn is the ideal season for capturing incredible photos during your rides. Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone and document the breath-taking landscapes and moments of solitude you encounter. Share them with fellow cyclists and friends to inspire them to join you on the road. #cyclingphotos

Autumn road cycling provides a unique opportunity for self-reflection and relaxation. The serene atmosphere and the rhythmic motion of pedalling can be meditative, allowing you to clear your mind and de-stress. Take the time to appreciate the beauty of the changing season and find solace in the simplicity of your ride.

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Autumn Essentials

It’s not an exhaustive list but there might be one or two things on there that you haven’t thought about!

Gloves – Easy to forget but you might regret rushing out without covering your delicate digits.

Mudguards – Modern clip on mudguards are compatible with many road bikes offering you an extension to the time you can spend on your favourite steed in the later UK months.

Tyres – As the roads get wetter it might be worth swapping those racy tyres for something with a softer compound and a rain dispersing tread cut.

Lights – Dark mornings and fading evenings mean lights are a must. Keep your path well lit and don’t miss that sneaky corner.

Winter bike (controversial) – If you’re lucky enough to have a second bike for winter consider getting it fully serviced before reintroducing it to the world.

Autumn road cycling is a magical time for cyclists. The crisp air, stunning scenery, and the sense of tranquillity it offers make it a season like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, make sure to savour the delights of autumn on your bike. So, gear up, grab your helmet, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the kaleidoscope of colours that is cycling in autumn weather. Happy cycling.

NorthRoad Ian is a cyclist enthusiast, a born again runner, a former teacher and the co-founder of NorthRoad cycles.

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