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In our simplest form we were teachers by day and bike builders by night (well, evening, weekends and every other spare second that could be grabbed). We started NORTHROAD in 2017 with the ideal in mind that quality, bespoke, carbon fibre bicycles could be built for a reasonable price – and without having to change a thing on it. Everything just the way you want from the beginning.


So what do a couple of teachers know about bikes?


Well, he has a life long passion for 2 wheeled machines; from riding to fixing and everything in between. He built his first bike in 1992 and hasn't looked back. In 2015 he did his first triathlon and the passion for fast riding bikes came back. About this time he setup a bicycle mechanic company and started improving bikes for a range of cyclists. She was raised on shoppers and relished the freedom that only came as the wind blew through her hair and her legs peddled furiously.


She is not an athlete but training and keeping her lungs working and clear of yuck (thanks to - as she over simplifies it - a “pesky genetic illness”) is a key part of day to day life and cycling fits in perfectly. She still classes her practical skills as novice and can usually be found in the office as opposed to him getting mucky on the trails or sweaty on the track but on pleasant days they jointly don the lyrca and enjoy the many coffee shop loops of South Manchester, leafy Cheshire or sometime jaunt to further a field (if a delivery can coincide with a bike holiday).


Of course there’s a huge difference between loving bikes and knowing every aspect of a bike.


The first NORTHROAD bicycle was only built after 12 months of in-depth research and quality checking – folders full of the stuff, she was in organisational heaven. When we were happy with a manufacturer of frames we built the first AeroRacer. We chose CES-Sport wheels (another UK based brand - this is important to us) and a Shimano Ultegra groupset. He built it on a Saturday morning and then did a midnight 50 miler from Manchester to Blackpool on it, that’s the build and quality confidence we have in NORTHROAD bikes. Any first ride problems? Zero, just human issues of cold and hunger. 


At NORTHROAD we have two key aims, aspirational bikes at affordable prices and exemplary customer service. We don’t ever want a customer to feel disconnected or cut off from the specification and build process. We are available to customers as much or as little as they wish and every bike (apart from one that went to Portugal) is personally delivered. Our customers are not just people who buy our bikes, they’re now friends, members of the NORTHROAD wolfpack, a growing community who love to ride, laugh and tweet (not necessarily in that order) and who band together under the hashtag #bemorewolf.


So what does it mean to #bemorewolf? 


As much or as little as you’d like! But at its heart being a wolf means thinking independently, being brave enough to make a different choice and certainly not following the herd. 

As for us, growing the NORTHROAD brand (specifically manufacturing our own frames in the UK) and building the right bespoke bike for each customer is our passion and priority.

He can now be found building bikes full time at our small but perfectly formed Atelier space in central Manchester whilst she is there on her part time days off from teaching making sure every detail of our client's NORTHROAD experience is perfect.