Why we don't have a "buy it now" button.

"It's 2021 guys, you really should start selling your bikes direct through your website you know".

We hear you. There's a little more to it than that and we thought it might be useful to let you know why we don't sell directly through the website.

Cast your minds back...

Only yesterday the NorthRoad team, whilst busily spannering away, were talking about how the massive uptake in leisure cycling from the 2012 Olympics still doesn't feel like it's tapered off. Considering we're a relatively small island with relatively lumpy terrain and relatively inclement weather, it's amazing how many people want to go outside and run themselves ragged on bikes. It's ace.

Putting aside the supply chain issues from pandemic/massive uptake in cycling with added home time/big-ship-stuck-in-little-canal, you could in theory buy a perfectly serviceable bike from any number of reputable retailers and be quite happy. If they've got a multi-million quid website you can probably do it in less than 5 "clicks".They've had almost 10 years to get the process right and they stack 'em high and sell them... well, not cheap.


It wouldn't come with the tyres you like. You'll get what colour you're given, The bars will be too wide, and there will be some groupset component compromises. These will all cost you in the long run. We know, because we're all committed cyclists who have done it ourselves. We hit "buy it now".

When every bike is unique things are a little different. You can't "buy it now" when we don't know what "it" is! Sure, we have some recommended builds with prices to get you in the ballpark and we know these are useful, but you can have literally whatever you like and we'll make it happen - or at worst tell you why it won't work and help you find a better way.

Pete's Gulf inspired Spengle equipped explorer, just as he wanted it.

Likewise, we wonder how many people who aren't interested in the tech-geekery side of cycling have been short changed because they didn't really know what they were getting. If you don't know what you need, you shouldn't buy it now, you should talk to someone who will take the time to understand what job you want to do so they can provide you with the right tool. We're good at that. Ask our existing NorthRoad Riders. We won't sell you stuff you don't need for the sake of a few quid. It's not worth it for you and it's not worth it for us.

Ste's Mulleted 90's shell suit Quest, Just as he wanted it.

We've made a small change recently which might make your life a little easier, you can now jump on to our website and tell us about what you're interested in and we will provide you with advice and/or a quote. You can hit the "order now" button on any product to do this or you can visit this page

There's no obligation, you don't have to leave a phone number if you don't want to, and we won't sign you up to any mailing lists.

Martin's sub 6.8kg Rim Brake Mistral, just as he wanted it.

We're not saying we'll never have a super fancy website that will let you choose everything without having to talk to the tea-boy about the virtues of 38c at 45psi vs 35c at 55psi but for now, we'd rather talk to you and make sure you get what you need and what you want, nothing more and nothing less.

How do you want yours?

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