NorthRoad Riders - Martins Flandrian Mistral

Each week we're talking to one of our customers to find out a little bit about their journey with NorthRoad.

This week we're talking to Martin. Martin can be found bombing around the NorthWest countryside aboard his Flandrian inspired NorthRoad Mistral. Martin Picked his machine up as one of the first collections when the Bikery opened so this is something of a long term NorthRoad Cycles review as well.

So! First things first, What made you decide to choose NorthRoad Cycles?

"I have always loved bikes. From an early age I had adventures on them and despite my

sporting path taking a different route as I grew up, I always had a road bike and a mountain

bike stashed away ready for some down time.

I have had all sorts of bikes, mainly from the main manufacturers and whilst I always enjoyed

them, I wanted something different and I wanted, if possible, to support something local. Ian

had been servicing my bikes for a few years before the birth of NR and so I was excited when

all his plans came to fruition and the brand was born. It was then a natural choice for me

when the time came to get a North Road Mistral.

Despite the friendship connection, I was also really motivated to have something that was a

complete one off, designed by me and that no one else would have. That is something quite

special. North Road gives you that, your choice, your design, your bike!"

Why did you choose the options you did?

"When it came to choosing my bike, my eyes were drawn to the Mistral, I just loved the lines

and the look of it, so that first choice was easy really. In fact, looking back I had a fairly good

idea of what I wanted from the off. A dark graphite type of colour for the frame with a black top tube was the perfect choice for me.

Now I am a classics man, from the off, I love Flanders, I love everything about those races

and that type of rider. So, with that in mind, on each of the forks I have a lovely Flandrian lion

emblazoned in a light grey colour and to compliment that I have the Belgian flags on each


For a rider of my ,ahem, quality, I spend a lot of time with a furrowed brow looking at my top

tube, so it was important to have something to inspire me, and I went for a double outlined

white star. I have a thing for stars, always have and this star sits perfectly at the front of the

top tube to help my when I need it the most.

I went for Ultegra in the end, normally I am happy with 105, but this was a special bike, so I

took the upgrade, and I am pleased I did. The Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels with disc brakes

finished the bike perfectly.

What has surprised you the most now you've had the bike for a while?

One of the biggest surprises for me with the bike is that I am constantly surprised, even now

some 6 months or so since I took delivery it still surprises me and makes me smile. It is so

responsive and seems a perfect fit – certainly the most comfortable and relaxing bike I have

ever ridden.

The biggest surprise is the way it climbs, it really makes a difference. Coming from a rugby

league and triathlon background, I certainly need all the help I can get on the hills and the

North Road Mistral has helped my up some of the hills I never thought I would be comfortable riding again.

Anything else you would like to add?

My days of competition have long gone, but the way I felt on the bike inspired me to enter a

sportive this summer, for the first time in about 5 years and it went like a dream. Over an

undulating 80km I was able to ride hard and it performed spectacularly.

It really is an amazing bike and an amazing concept – I love the local feel of the brand, the

feeling of a community and just the general love of riding the bike.

After all, that is what it is all about isn’t"

If you're interested in talking to us about your new bike, please don't hesitate! get in touch by clicking here!

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