NorthRoad Riders - Chris and his canny red and blue Quest

Each week we're talking to one of our customers to find out a little bit about their journey with NorthRoad.

This week we're talking to Chris. Chris thrashes his NorthRoad Gravel rig through the west midlands and was one of our first Quest customers. The story and inspiration behind his paint scheme is a fantastic one. A select few will recognise the carefully colour matched tones, quoting from one our early conversations with Chris;

"Some of my happiest memories were watching the newcastle team of the mid 90s - flair, no ego (apart from Ginola - but he was french), managed by Kevin Keegan who actually got what local passion was all about. The away strip was a classic."

And just like that, the paint scheme was confirmed. Mid 90's Newcastle United Away kit. Why aye?

So! First things first, What made you decide to choose NorthRoad Cycles?

"I had been toying with a new ride for a while - to spend all the money I had saved not going into the office for 18 months so not buying takeaway coffee and sandwiches. Looked at all the brands and struggled to connect with them. Noticed NorthRoad on someones twitter feed and did a bit of googling, Loved the independent attitude, focus on choice and individuality, and that the money would go on the bike not a faceless marketing machine. Met the team at the Bikery open day where I finally committed to go for gravel - a Quest - having pondered a new road bike instead. Really liked that the people i spoke to and asked 100 daft questions were the ones who would build the machine."

Why did you choose the options you did?

"Had a long debate whether to go 1x or 2x: don't google this one - loads of opinion and no insight! Decided to go 1x as thought would be better off roads and by making that choice would encourage me to take the bike to where it was meant to be - the rough stuff. Completely the right call - thanks Ste. The paint job is a throwback to some of my happiest memories as a newcastle fan; the colours are the 95-96 away kit from the era where players had both class and passion. Fair to say NorthRoad are not huge football fans but worked with me to narrow down the colours and produce a thing of beauty

Final choice was Tubeless or not - held breath and went for it - and so far love it especially the lower pressures on trails and bridleways"

What has surprised you the most now you've had the bike for a while?

"How quickly my confidence has built in handlings skills - it really is easier by and large to go over lumps, bumps and roots than pick around them. First ride was a 100K off road sportive and I tried to ride like a road bike. Now I have relaxed into it and trust both the bike and my judgement more I am loving the places I find myself now exploring"

Anything else you would like to add?

"If you buy one expect to do a lot of talking to strangers - any long ride, especially with a coffee shop stop, usually has someone coming up and saying 'that looks different what is it.....?'"

If you're interested in talking to us about your new bike, please don't hesitate! get in touch by clicking here!

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