A story about time and bikes ...


It's a funny concept. Means different things to different people.

Me? I think it stretches. Or rather I can stretch it. I get consumed on a task and before you know it I'm pushing my luck getting to my destination on time suggesting a 30 minute journey will take 10.

But now all that has changed thanks to a nifty showroom addition: The Perry eHopper.

No need for lycra. No need for the perilous activity of walking in cycle shoes. No need for a mass of deodorant and wet wipes to make myself acceptable company after the ride. Just get on, travel and arrive. The e-assist makes any incline a doddle and sometimes I can't quite believe I'm whizzing through the streets of Manchester, with minimal effort in jeans and my long coat!

When you do arrive your handy transport folds up and you carry it with you - up the stairs, onto the tram, nestled under your desk or into the back of the camper.

And for me, I'm back to HQ on no time with a folded, easily lifted and stored whizzy bike that leaves me with more time to spend with the NorthRoad boys.

Who knew city cycling could be this effortless and fun? At some point I know Ian is going to ask me to deliver or pick up something using the ebike, at that point I'm going to have to make use of the bag rack and panniers. So far I've only bungeed my overly full rucksack to it, but in fully loaded mode I could moonlight as a courier - and a comfy one at that!

If you have a hankering to whizz about the city streets/caravan park/local village we have two eHoppers in the showroom ready to take away today.

Pop in or give us a call on 0161 327 0904

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